Insomnia can be perilous

I'm trying to shake the notion that all cabinets with glass doors want to come and live here with me. I can admire this one from afar. However...

I did talk myself into getting a sewing machine.
I'll confess here and now that I haven't sewn more than the odd knee patch since the seventh grade. But isn't this a beauty?

Plus - the sellers are in Maine (yay), they refurbish and rewire vintage machines, and feedback from their customers is extremely positive.

I will add to my list of rationales until I am smiling at it in person. I'm even considering the possibility that my best pal's pregnancy has given me a vicarious nesting bug. Whatever. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Is this the one you're getting?


Ooh I can't wait to try it out as well because you must share with me

Jen Bradford said...


julie said...

'Oh' to that cabinet! and the avocado green machine is a beauty too. Enjoy.

ArtSparker said...

You may want to look up the william Blake poem "The Crystal Cabinet". Sounds like you could use some uplift, in any case.