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Not launching quite yet, but soon. I've received some wonderful info and advice from Etsy sellers Jennifer Judd-McGee, of swallowfield, and Heather Smith Jones. If anyone out there has ideas or etsy experience to share, I'd love to hear it.

Update: ZenCrafter suggested this article at Modish.
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I wish I knew it.)


sMacThoughts said...

I am fairly new to etsy, myself, but find it to be a wonderful venue as well as community which really pokes at my sense of inspiration and need to keep moving forward in my art. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday life stuff (for me) like the day job, and bills, and general survival in the city, that art can quite easily be relegated to 'just inside my head'. Etsy has really changed that for me!

ZenCrafter said...

A friend who is just starting an Etsy site recommended the following post/conversation about marketing one's art/craft: I have to admit I haven't read the whole thing, but apparently it's quite interactive and has lots of tips from seasoned pros.

Good luck! I love your work!

Jen Bradford said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by! I've mostly dealt with galleries and a different art zone, which can be more competitive, weird, critical etc. than the DIY/craft scene. Everyone I've met via blogging, flickr, Etsy, etc. has been upbeat & incredibly helpful. It seems like the perfect place to experiment and lighten up.

zen - I put the modish link on the post, thanks!

hrsj said...

oh I'll have to check out that modish article, i'm sure it has some good tips!
i'm looking forward to your launch and hope it's soon! :)

Jen Bradford said...

Me too - my "coming soon" sign is beginning to feel a little silly. I'll at least turn on the lights and unlock the door this week, and list a few things to get started.