Compilations of some Flickr favorites.


leslie said...

Hi Jen: I love to paint with minimal color. I am currently into my “white” series. So I really appreciate what an excellent eye you have for “pale”. It’s not easy to do! Do you know Adele Kaars Sypesteyn? She has a white series.

Jen Bradford said...

Hi Leslie - thanks for the link! I especially liked White Lacquer.

I've made a bunch of compilations (including another light one) if you're interested:

Robyn said...

Love your photo montages! I have just been reading your reply to Seth's question about collections...and thought I would pay your blog a visit.

Jen Bradford said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed today's installment of The Pulse - loved seeing people's collections. You might like "crafty synergy" (in my blog list) which has similar interviews and peeks into studios.

Jen Bradford said...

Oh - another great source is Stephanie Levy, of "a studio with a view", who has a series of interviews with artists-who-blog.