Karen Green

"Executed over the past year, the work concentrates on language, cracking its codes and its deceptive beauty. Paintings on wood and small mixed media collages on vellum, overlaid with meticulously rendered text - graceful, undulating calligraphy, white-on-white cross-writing, and uniform battalions of endless words marching across a serene landscape - speak of the ability of language to reveal and deceive all at once."


Marcia Miner said...

I know that place. And this conveys to me an aspect of its magic. One of the poets who lives there wrote a poem called "Bolinas is a Bad Mother"

A good mother lets you go,
but Bolinas is not a good mother.
Weeping the while,
she clutch you to her bosom,
making you feel an ass--
you are so attracted to her
yet angry and antsy to be off
and never even visit her again.

A good mother lets you go.
Bolinas holds you in a gloved grip
of soft-hued eucalyptus trees
and the grave company of deer.
She woos you with loquacious friends
who gab into the hours of the night.
You must spring from her two-faced
offerings with the will of a Prometeus.

Jen Bradford said...

Thanks for sharing that.

Marcia Miner said...

I never gave credit to the poet back then. Her name is Nancy Blanchard.