Long Ago, sort of

These images of Obama back in 1980 are just mesmerizing. It's very odd to be so close in age to the President, for one thing. If anyone had told him his destiny, would he have laughed long and hard?

It's kind of remarkable how few photos ever emerged of him smoking during a nasty campaign. This one seems the most familiar to me.


sMacThoughts said...

Yes, I know what you mean about the age thing. Sorta freaks ya out, doesn't it? Did not know he was (is?) a smoker.

Jen Bradford said...

Well it sounds like he has mostly quit but slips from time to time. As someone whose gone on and off the wagon for years, I can sympathize.

GiselleG said...

hi Jen
I saw these photos on the Huffington Post and thought them quite compelling too. It is remarkable that the press did not jump on his on/off again smoking. So glad it didn't go down that path. Anyway, these are great photos. Thanks for sharing them.