Nicholas Jones

This is my third or fourth post about an artist who creates sculpture from books - can't get enough of this beautiful form. (see also: here, here and hey, I could have sworn I blogged about Georgia Russell...
Ephemera interview with Jones, and his website here.


marcia Miner said...

I love his work, though seeing the anvil behind him where he gives books a whack made me gasp, but he does acknowledge the iconoclastic nature of his work. Then we see how at the same time he honors the book by these wonderful creations.

I am always amazed at what gems you find, but shouldn't be, because you are consistently a great explorer.

Jen Bradford said...

Wow, thanks Marcia. My exploration is just a tad (sarcasm) internet-focused. But there are worse vices.

I'd love to see a video of him making something, like the Andy Goldsworthy documentary (Rivers and Tides), where you just say "wow".