Tech Follies

I'd been a little rattled since my shmancy new printer suddenly stopped printing. Then my downstairs neighbor asked if I'd been printing some "arty stuff". Um, yeah... Well it has all been printing out on his printer!

I am being sure to direct it to the right printer #, (he doesn't have the same kind), and yet it has happened again and again. They are moving, so who knows what happens then. Is their wireless overriding the USB connection? No idea. If anyone has bright ideas, please post a comment. Normally I will troubleshoot until I figure things out, but this is an odd situation.

Unrelated: I wish I had a wood stove or a fireplace.

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sMacThoughts said...

That is an odd and hilarious happening. I have no idea how that works as I am completely wired down. Hope you can figure it out!