Wow, I didn't do very well on this Color IQ Test. In a fit of hubris, I completed it quickly, and am embarrassed to confess I scored a 53. (The best score is zero - ach!) I like to imagine it's just the dumb monitor and in real life I'd do great, but I'd better take it again sometime and try to redeem myself.

Okay, I can show my face. This time I scored an eight.


marcia Miner said...

My score was 528, YIKES, but it was a reading comprehension problem; not so good for a writer. Ha!! I thought we were suppose to put those that were alike together. So I took the test again and got a 12. I have a headache though.

Jen Bradford said...

But you are supposed to put those that are alike together. Now I'm confused. But you're right, it's headache inducing, whatever the hell we're doing!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


loushka said...

I had a perfect score of 0, but I have 2 Fine Arts degrees (one in painting) and I make my living doing paint on glass animation, so I expected to do well. Thanks for posting this test. I isn't often, as an artist, that you get an empirical measure of your skills.