The Show

I didn't have the best luck with photos, but do have some of the opening. Tom Moore is going to shoot the paintings themselves shortly, so that is coming.

1. Chris Albert helped me hang the show, and was a superstar.
2. Me looking like a consumer of too many cracker jacks.
3. My sister-in-law Gioia, and nephew Matt, with Korn.
4. Dad and my nephew Andrew
5. Me and Mom
3. A photo that does my friend Marcia no justice -
she looked fab.
4. Some incredibly nice art students
5. Me with my nephews, all with lots of hair.


marcia Miner said...

These photos don't do justice to the people or the paintings. It was an excellent show and many people were spending a lot of time with each painting. I know I did. I love the photo of you talking to the artist who was in awe of your technique, and from another artist that has got to feel really good. His intensity about your work and your look of appreciation really captures that moment.

Jen Bradford said...

Talking with those guys was definitely one of the high points of the opening. It's nice to get positive feedback from anyone, but especially fun to meet someone who is so obviously excited and curious. He said "I have no idea how you did anything, it's like they just grew! Very very sweet.

It does seem weird that I still don't have good images of any of the work, but hopefully soon. Maybe not until I get back from Maine, though.