Getting back into it.

The studio is so empty, but it feels good to gesso and sand. Louise is slightly less enthused.


Camilla Engman said...

Hi Jen, what material are you painting on (under the gesso :)

Jen Bradford said...

Hi Camilla! I normally paint on birch panels. I like having a hard surface to push against since I do lots of rubbing, sanding, etc. But sometimes I will also stretch linen or canvas over the panels. Lately I'm experimenting with a layer of venetian plaster (people use it to faux-finish walls, etc.) which has a yummy soft feel, and is fun to sand. But pretty much everything you've seen from me was painted on wood.

Thanks for stopping by - Louise sends a woof to Morran.

Camilla Engman said...

Thanks Jen. I am to doing a lot of rubbing and sanding. I use board.. masonit. But I would like to do them more as a box (upside down) So I don't have to frame them.

Morran says woof back :)

Jen Bradford said...

Oh, it makes life a lot easier if they are cradled panels. There are some pre-made types that are cheap, and some are deluxe, deeper etc. I've made them in the past but am not the greatest woodworker. I like the prepping and sanding part better!

I recently bought a couple of cradled clayboard panels to try - it is a very tough and smooth surface, but absorbent, so you can use graphite, pen and ink, etc.

Can't wait to see what you do next...cheers.

kookaburra said...

That's a perfect "I am not ecstatic about gesso" dog expression!