Birthday Comic

My brother made this comic starring my nephews and their two cats for the birthday boy. It kills me. He's the best Dad ever. (click on image for a legible view.)


marcia Miner said...

What lucky boys they are to have a dad like your brother. I know you have a sharp mind and are highly creative and knew from what you have said in the past that your brother has a sharp mind, but wow, what a loving creative and gifted father he is also.

That is a great and memorable birthday gift!

It is particularly touching today as I think about the relationship between Tim Russert and his father and his relationship with his own son, Luke.

Jen Bradford said...

He really is the best. Maybe it was last year, he had a terrible cold but still managed to create an elaborate treasure hunt for the birthday party. He and his wife are an ace team - they back each other up, and it's amazing to see in action.

The coverage and remembrances of Tim Russert have been heartbreaking - lots of men crying openly and saying "I really loved him", it's remarkable. There has been as much said about his character as his professional achievements, which is rarely the case at that level.

Mark Bradford said...

These are very kind words, but I must add a testimonial to the sharp mind of the birthday boy himself, whose initial reaction to the card (I wasn't there at the time) was not: "Wow! How did Dad do that?" It was: "I think I could do a better one." And he's on it.