Vija Celmins

Something made me think of Celmins' spiderwebs today. I'm reluctant to blog about her since they don't reproduce so well, but if you're near Pittsburgh, recent work can be seen at the Carnegie International through 1/11/09.

Untitled (Web #1), 2001

Untitled (Big Sea #1), 1969
graphite on acrylic ground


marminer said...

Thanks, what a treat to learn about this artist's work . Love the Big Sea#1 because it simply is as it is, no fan fare, just an average old common ocean. It trumps photo-realism.

Jen Bradford said...

She is amazing - glad you like these. Just home from studio and need ice cream!

thealteredpage said...

I have seen some of her work in person and it is truly amazing. Thanks for the reminder.

kookaburra said...

Her work is sick! Yes, it's best to see it in person. & then you also get the pleasure of witnessing others approach & slowly discover it's done by hand.