I'm getting such a kick out of this series. Last night the character played by Judi Dench was deciding how to earn some extra money. When a school was suggested, she started riffing about all of the subjects she wouldn't be comfortable teaching, nixing arithmetic, the globe ("the notion that the world is round makes me feel quite giddy!") etc etc. finally settling on the idea of opening a tea shop, which suited since she was opposed to handling "sticky" merchandise.

Okay, maybe you have to be as geeky as me to appreciate it, but the portrait of this nervous little town in 1840 cracks me up, and is touching at surprising moments.


marminer said...

Judi Dench in that bonnet was worth the whole show. My favorite character was the one in the middle window.

It must be the English climate because no where else in the world would you ever find a gaggle of women like that, except in England.

Jen Bradford said...

Oh - Imelda Staunton. She is amazing. Did you see her in Vera Drake? It's a dark one, but incredible I thought.

My favorite scene in Cranford so far was the eating of the oranges. The sister Deborah's distress at the prospect of all that juice, her freaking out at the word "suck" - and finally having everyone retire to their rooms to eat them in private. So much of the show is about that hilarious but sad repression. Then the shot of Judi Dench ravenously sucking on her orange in her bedroom - loved it.