Blog Visitors

For those who have blogged for awhile, it goes without saying that people from unlikely locations stop by for a peek. But I'm still amazed when I look at the sitemeter and see a list like this (my last 20 visitors):

1 (United States) New York
2 (United Kingdom) Colchester, Essex
3 (Canada) Halifax, Nova Scotia
4 (United States) West Hartford, Connecticut
5 (United States) West Hartford, Connecticut
6 (Madagascar) Antananarivo
7 (Belgium) Merksplas, Antwerpen
8 (Australia) Sydney, New South Wales
9 (Colombia) Jerusaln, Cundinamarca
10 (United States) Tucson, Arizona
11 (Netherlands) Nieuwerkerk, Zuid-Holland
12 (India) Lamba, Rajasthan
13 (Brazil) Curitiba, Parana
14 (Taiwan) Taipei, T'ai-pei
15 (United States) Cudahy, Wisconsin
16 (France) Paris, Ile-de-France
17 (United States) Buffalo, New York
18 (Netherlands) Utrecht
19 (Argentina) Ramos Meja, Buenos Aires
20 (Pakistan) Lahore, Punjab


::{J}:: said...

Yes, i know what you mean. it's weird (in a good way) to think that someone on the other side of the world is looking at your blog!

Tim McFarlane said...

I'm always amazed to see who is reading/looking and where they are in the world. Sometimes, you can tell that the hit was accidental, but it's pretty cool, anyway.

Jen Bradford said...

yeah, I admit it's not as though everyone is staying to read but it's still kind of a kick. Often they are googling someone I have posted about. Someone in Iran was looking for Alex Kanevsky today, and came here.

Hey Tim, I promise to post painting images soon. Have been having a good run in the studio recently, but things are still pretty rough. Hope all is well with you!