El Joven

I would like to know the real name of El Joven, whose work I discovered on Flickr last night. Just wonderful - it makes me think of another Spanish painter I love, Antonio López García.

Update - I wrote to him, and this was his reply:
"aaa, sorry, but i prefered to be anonymous,
but thanks for the interesting."


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

These are beautiful! As always...great find, Jen!

Jen Bradford said...

Isn't he amazing? I'm sorry I don't know Spanish, since our communication was obviously a bit stilted. Glad you like em!

Srta.Mifune said...

Hi darling! i was found, your blog for flikr.. "El joven" its my boyfriends =) We are from Valencia, from fine arts, we have 22 years old, and his real name is Alex, it's amazing that his art can arrive to you =) we are in contact!! xoxox!!


Jen Bradford said...

He has tremendous talent and I'm sure you do also! I am so happy you found this post - the internet is quite amazing. All best wishes to you and Alex. xo